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Malindi Logistics is a limited company registered in United Kingdom. The company has been trading for the last four years as a partner of various import export companies based in different countries of the world. Initially Malindi concentrated on sourcing vehicles for various individuals and motor operating companies who import their vehicles and goods from United Kingdom, before the company ventured in the business of freight forwarding. we still source, procure and organise for Jevics inspections for anyone living outside the United Kingdom to enable them import their cars of choice trouble free. Having been using various forwarding companies and encountering difficulties and cost associated with delayed documentations and handling, we felt the need to share our experience and expertise to work towards delivering quality freight forwarding services. Malindi Logistics have therefore perfected and understood the requirement and regulations of different African countries and most of the rest of the world of our operations which includes, All ports of Europe to East African cost, South Africa and West Africa as well as operations from far east and Middle East. Malindi Logistics can theredfore handle your exports with trust and excellence. Wellcome to our company and we can guarantee a 100% customer satisfaction. The next mombasa shipping line will open its doors on The next ships to Mombasa are: Vessel Name Torino 16/03/2012 TBC 16/03/2012 Please contact us for more details Thank you for choosing to ship with Malindi